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Comfortable Sleeper sofa

Trying To Find A Comfortable Sleeper Sofa?

Looking for a comfortable sleeper sofa can drive you slightly nuts.  There are so many different designs out there.

One of the scary things about buying a sleeper sofa is that we have all at some time slept on a really uncomfortable one!  And assuming that you like your guests, this is not an experience you would want to put someone through.

Below are out three top tips to making sure that you buy a comfortable sleeper sofa, which will not leave you guests crippled and grumpy.

1.    Buy the best quality you can.  With most things in life you get what you pay for, but with a sleeper sofa quality is really crucial.  If you buy a cheap one the frame will buckle, the fabric will wear badly; the whole thing will quickly start to look unappealing.
2.    A comfortable sleeper sofa must have springs holding the mattress support in place.  The bed has to have some give in it, so you want a design which will have a fabric or mesh support held to the frame with springs, this means that the bed will be able to support heavier people as well.
3.    Look at the depth of the mattress.  If the mattress is a centimetre or so thick it is not likely to be to too comfortable.  At a minimum you should be looking at an inch thickness.

So now you know what to buy, what if you can’t afford it?  There are a few ways to help make a cheaper sleeper sofa comfortable.

Firstly you can invest in a memory foam topper.  These can now be purchased quite cheaply on the internet, they are still relatively expensive in the shops so don’t buy on there until you have checked out the online prices.

Secondly – lots of cushions and an old duvet.  If you want to make a comfortable sleeper sofa out of a cheap one, it is possible.  Firstly you need to get an old double duvet and fold it and place it between the mattress and the mattress support.  This will stop the frame from digging into the person when they sleep.  The other thing is to have plenty of cushions to put around the head of the bed.  This will help the person to feel snug and comfortable, it doesn’t particularly change the comfort of the bed, but it does change the perception of the comfort of the bed!

Assuming that you want your guest to visit again, take some time to buy the most comfortable sleeper sofa you can find for your budget.  Be sure to make your sofa bed with thich colourful bedding to make it all as appealing as possible.