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Contemporary Sofa Bed

An Introduction To The Three Main Styles Of Contemporary Sofa Bed

When you are designing your living area it is important to have it stylish as well as practical, this is when the contemporary sofa bed comes into its own.

There was a time when a sofa bed was a poor quality sofa and a poor quality bed – this does not have to be the case any more.  With so many of us living with limited space there has been a real demand for more contemporary sofa bed designs, and the designers have done spectacularly.  A sofa bed no longer needs to be a compromise on both style and comfort.

One of the most fashionable designs of sofa at the moment is the ‘L’ shaped sofa, so the designers have given us some of these as sofa beds as well.  Because of the design of these, they tend to convert into rather large sofa beds.  Since the extra bit of bed pulls out from under the longer side of the ‘L’ a lot of these will have spare storage pace under the other part of the sofa.  A great little bonus.  The chances are that if you are in need of a sofa bed you are also likely to be grateful for some extra storage space.

Many people are looking for a rather simple but striking streamlined look.  If this is your choice of sofa then you can still have a sofa bed.  If you take time to look at this contemporary sofa style you will see that it is often defined by the shape of the cushions, the back and the arms.  So with these sofas, the bed will fold out from underneath the seating area.  They still look like fantastic sofas, but they have a metal framed bed hidden inside.

The final and the cheapest of the contemporary sofa bed designs are the high end of the futon market.  These are designs where by the bed is effectively the back and seat of the sofa which is flattened out to form a double bed.  The advantages of these are that they do not take up much more space than the actual sofa.  They are also almost instant to convert and because they are based on the futon design they have kept the removable covers which are washable.

So whatever you budget, and whatever image you are creating in your home there is definitely a contemporary sofa bed out there which will fit your needs.