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Single Sofa Bed

The difference between a single sofa bed and a single chair bed are really rather minimal. A sofa is usually considered to be for more than one person, while a chair is usually only for one person. So the difference between a sofa bed and a chair bed is simply how many people you can seat. This does not affect the size of the bed. Whether you buy a single sofa bed or a single chair bed – you will still only have a single bed.

There was a time when to get everything you had to compromise; luckily we have progressed beyond these and can now have a stylish sofa which is also a comfortable bed.

So what should you be considering when trying to choose your perfect single sofa bed.

Firstly you need to consider the comfort of the bed. There is only really one style worth buying and that is the where the bed is metal frame which folds and stores inside the frame of the sofa.

The mattress for a sofa bed will usually be quite thin, often not much over an inch, however, with a well designed base it can still be a very comfortable bed. The best mattress supports are where these is a mesh or thick canvas style fabric which is held taut to the frame with springs. This form of support will be comfortable even for your slightly heavier guests.

If you want to add some extra comfort then you can buy memory foam toppers which are now available on Amazon for very reasonably prices and they make a great difference to the comfort of the mattress.

Next you have to look at the sofa bed as a seat. There is such a wonderful range of these now that you are bound to be able to find one which is right for your room. The things to consider here are to choose some thing which is versatile. You don’t want to have to change you furniture if you redecorate your room. Equally, you want something which will wear well, consider getting one with washable covers. The added bonus to washable covers is that you can also use the covers as a template to get new covers made if your sofa starts to look a little tired.

The final advice before you part with your money is that you should try to get best quality you can and to buy from a brand name which you recognize. With the advance of the internet it is now easy to find a great range of single sofa beds in places like Amazon who will also offer a reliable delivery and all the guarantees which you could expect.